About US

SMT Plus Ltd. was founded in 2007 100% Hungarian, privately owned – EMS company.

At the time of foundation, we only made orders for our partners with manual soldering technology. Over the years, we have gained a lot of experience and gained the trust of our customers with our flexibility and high quality work.

Since then, we have been developing dynamically every year to meet the challenges of everyday life. At present, we meet the very high demands of our customers with modern automated production lines, technologies and processes.

In addition to flexibility and quality, our goal is to continuously expand the range of our services and bring them to a high level, tailored to today’s expectations.

In a family atmosphere, but in a professional environment, our team is proactively working to keep our motto and slogan valid:

SLOGAN: „ Our customer satisfaction is our security.”

MOTTO: „The key to good partnership is effective communication, prompt and accurate information of our customers.”